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Mar 13, 2013 9:00pm PDT
world economy collapsed. >> reporter: he says there wasn't enough money to field a bunch of challengers so the expected revenue from the teams is down from $215 million to just $57 million. buehl took on the task of trying to raise $32 million from private donors to offset city expenses but so far that effort is $8 million short of where it should be. the goal now? just raise enough to keep the city from losing money. >> i honestly believe if larry ellison wins itle be back and ten times as exciting with more times next time. >> would you ever volunteer for this job again? >> if i want to stay mare wouldn't.ried i >> reporter: you you heard steven barkley the head of the event authority saying he didn't like being accused of not doing the right thing. today's hearing may have helped serve to clear the air some. after the hearing he told me he now believes everybody is onboard. recording from the embarcadero, mark matthews, abc 7 news. >>> nice outside where mark was standing. hope you enjoyed the lovely weather because it might just have peaked. spencer christian with more.
Mar 12, 2013 9:00pm PDT
california economy. it doesn't acknowledge the fact that our wages are about 7500 dollars less than our leading peeshtion chicago similar funny and los angeles philharmonic. >>reporter: the average musician salary is 165,000 dollars a year. the union says basic pay is 142,000. management says they provide health care with no monthly contribution. the musicians say they pay for family member members. the similar funny says musicians get 10 week of paid vacation. they say they have other expenses including buying their own instruments that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. similar funny says the wage proposal would keep the 105 member orchestra among the top 3 nationwide. >> most talented musician in the world and we are hopeful we can reach an agreement that recognizes that and at the same time tl move our organization forward. >>reporter: at this press concert the musicians told us while the similar funny hasen document nearing 300 million an has given hefty bone to us management, they are being offered a 3 year contract with no entry in the first year followed by one perce
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2